One of the twelve maidens, with Yuzuha specifically residing over the Zodiac astrology Pisces. She is an artist, who has withdrawn her contact with her parents and others to avoid attachments. She is Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii


Because of her Zodiac being Pisces, she has a fish-like appearance with pale blue skin-that could be a sign of her illness-and red eyes. Her attire consists with a black vest top and off the shoulder dres, consisting of black and white. She has diametrical above knee length socks in monochrome colours. On her head she wears a black hair band with ribbons on both sides of her head and on top a crown motif. Her hair is fish-like and the colour blue, with the tips of her hair like fins.


Yuzuha is an introvert, making her shy and recluse with her main hobby being art. She usually speaks in a quiet and soft tone and her avoidance for going outside or communicating to other people is due to her prolonged and possibly fatal illness.


Yuzuha left home and her parents once she fond out about her illness. From then onwards, she has lived in isolation. If choosing to end the story with Yuzuha, she and Itsuki will go to his world, in order to try and create a cure for her.