Voice actress: Momoko Ōhara (game), Riho Sugiyama (anime)(Japanese); Kristen McGuire (English)


Taura has light blue eyes, small animal ears on her head; with dark green hair and a single ear ring on her left ear. She wears a small hoodie, which has long rabbit eared material attached to the top of the hood. Her clothes consist of a small tank top shirt and shorts, with blue socks and black shoes. She carries around with her a orange bag, which possibly contains the mail she sends around Granvania.


Taura has an energetic personality with tomboy features. She can be air-headed and idiotic at times, although she is very carefree and passionate about her job for delivering mail. She has the tendency to run too fast and finds herself unable to stop; which suggests she's quite athletic.

Walkthrough and EndingEdit

Taurus had difficulties dealing with her job due to her fast speed and being unable to stop when she delivers mail. Though she has the strong belief that the letters she had been given carries the emotions put into the writing and is determined to try her best at her work. From her background, she was an orphan and raised by an elderly couple who delivered mail. By no means, is she depressed about her lifestyle or her job. Rather, she is encouraged to work hard for it. At some point, she ends up relying on Itsuki for finding one of the letters she lost in the forest; whilst on a delivery of messages.

In the end, her parents 'disown' her so she doesn't feel obligated to stay with them. Instead, she travels to Itsuki's world and continues her job in his world. By continuing to deliever mail.