Ruka (ルカ)is the star maiden of Cancer. She is voiced by: Makiko Oomoto She is an orphanage assistant and has a very perceptive insight which allows her to see into the hearts of the people around her apart from Itsuki because he came from a different world. She maintains a cold attitude toward others and is initially tsundere, before warming up to the main character .

Voice actress: Makiko Ohmoto (game, anime) (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)


Ruka has dark hair in pigtails and burgundy eyes. Her hair is held by a red material that looks like petals with gold coloured string holding it together. As for her clothing, it relates closely to traditional japanese wear, similar to a kimono.

She wears a white vest top with sleevless material starting near her elbows. The material is held together by a ribbon at the waist. She wears a short red shirt and thigh-long socks, with matching coloured boots. To her hip, she has a large metal ring, with two rings in the middle.


Initially, Ruka is cold towards others, that including Itsuki. She is the template tsundere, who slowly warms up to him. Though reasons behind it is because she is a tsukuyomi -a person who can read other peoples feelings through body contact. She also dislikes lies because she can clearly see through them and feverishly avoids being touched by anyone because of her fear of what the person is thinking. However, she is unable to understand the feelings of Itsuki and Mahiru who are immune because they are not from Granvania.

Background and Walkthrough Edit

Ruka lives in an orphanage, and through her route, one of the kids from the orphanage came home with a missing shoe. She believes this is due to bullying, so she forms an unofficial disciplinary committee with the main character, Itsuki in order to catch the bully. In reality, the kid had thrown away her shoe because she wanted the concern of Ruka and for Ruka to worry about her more. Ruka then learns that lies are told out of love, so she and the child make up for the misunderstanding and she disbands the club. In the end, if choosing Ruka, she is taken to Itsuki's world where they run an orphanage.



  • According to Japanese polls, Ruka is the second most popular Star Maiden.