Mana; the mascot of the academy, is a strange floating creature that

Mana the mascot

encounters Itsuki and Mahiru outside the first Labyrinth they escape from. Mana finds them in the forest and introduces itself, and is rather annoyed by being referred as an 'otaku figurine' and 'toy' from Mahiru. 

Mana was also given the duty to protect Itsuki and was even given a check of 99,999,999G from the King to give to him, however ended up having it stolen for foolishly speaking aloud about the large amount of money. Instead, she offered some of her own savings, and now expects to be paid back some time in the future from Itsuki.

Voice Actress: Yurin (anime) (Japanese); Maya Maxwell (English)


Mana along with Itsuki

Appearance Edit

Overall, Mana appears as a Tanuki, which is a Japanese racoon dog. However with the addition of handcuffs. Mana also tends to have many expressive features, including a misbehaving look when she looks for trouble and sometimes flushing red. Mana also has small wings and markings on her face.

Mana has also taken a human appearance in one of the endings, preferably by the players choice; the choice of Itsuki returning to his home and leaving Mahiru and the other star maidens.

Personality Edit

Mana is rather mischievous, having enough misbehaviour to think lesser of Itsuki's name when he introduces himself. She's also able to sense the virginity of the twelve star maidens, such as when Mahiru first transported to Granvania and   met her.


  • Mana has been an unpopular character, for players of Conception.
  • Mana has been mistaken as male, because of her behaviour. However because whenever she talks, her name is in a pink box, whilst male characters have it in blue.