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Liris and Lirie ((弓リリス&リリィ Ririsu & Ririi)  Is one of the twelve star maidens that Itsuki is fated to meet, serving over the zodiac sign Gemini. Although they appear as two, they are the same person, except with opposite persona. Liris and Lirie are fortune tellers and within one body, they enjoy fooling others and getting up to mischief. Their blood type is AB

Voice actress: Kana Asumi (game, anime) (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)


Lilis, appears with light blue hair and angel wings, wearing the came clothes as her conterpart. Which consists of a purple belted top  with shorts and stripy socks that reach to the thighs. She has a head accessory, which is a white arrow with a heart. Lirie has bright pink hair, with purple bat wings. Just like Lilis, she wears the same clothes but has different head accesories. Her arrow is purple, but consists of a heart as well.


They are two split personalities within one body, who happen to have different appearances and opposing personalities. Lilis is sweet, kind, but airheaded and also an accurate fortune-teller, whereas Lilie is mischievous, rude, and acts like a tsundere. She also enjoys to cleverly annoy and irritate others when she does fortune telling.

Their personality switches fromwhen they hit their head, or when something mentally shocking happens. 

Event RouteEdit

Itsuki is made to dealt with their switching personalities, as he bonds with the two. Lillie ends up trying to protect Lilis when she begins to fall in love with Itsuki. Although, at the end, they decide to return to Itsuki's world with him.