Shangri-la of King Granbania is astringent anyhow! And he is reliable as a king that he can rely on and love the people from the bottom of his heart. If such a person is your boss, there is no doubt that it will be five times faster to go to work.
Japanese Name: シャングリラ
-Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Blood Type:
Hair: Black
Eye: pink
High Stats:
Low Stats:
Relatives: )
Stat shape
Japanese Voice:

The king of Granvania, formally known as Shangri-La, is the ruler of the kingdom Granvania. He is met from within Granvania's castle and informs Itsuki and Mahiru of a crisis happening involving impurities. He asks of their help and although at first reluctant, the two agree to do what they can to solve the issue.

Appearance Edit

Shangri-La had a bold appearance, wearing white lined clothing and purple clothing; similar to the game's sequel were a company named AngelMarker has uniform that's purple. Naturally as the king of the kingdom, he wears finer clothing and some major differences in appearance.

Personality Edit

As king, he is respected by members of his kingdom, and has a mature way of seeing things through. He even chose Narcissus to get-to-the-point when it came to explaining the happenings in their kingdom.

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