Granvania (or Granbania) is the kingdom that Itsuiki and Mahiru were transported to. It's a world with magic weilders and their source of power is formally known as "Star Energy". Various locations are mentioned within the school campus.

Granvania Edit


Artwork of places in Granvania.

Granvania is the location that Itsuki is transported to. Much alike to the games sequel, not much is known about locations or if it links to Aterra. Otherwise, it's known to be a kingdom with various locations-involving the academy and church-although through bond events, some other locations are accessible only within that bond event, unless the location is involved in main events.

Sky Edit

It's known as a parallel world to the one Itsuki and Mahiru come from. There home is known as 'Sky', which is controlled by science rather than Magic. Star power is the source of 'Magic' that is granted to the people of Granvania. Outsiders, otherwise named the 'Marebito' are prone to call 'Star Energy' as 'Magic'.

Sky is connected to Granvania by the gate of light, which was the transportation of Itsuki and Mahiru when they arrived.


  • Granvania isn't mentioned within the sequal of Conception. Instead, a location called Aterra is available.

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