Arie (アリー ) is the Maiden of Aries and a kindhearted nun. She is voiced by: Aya Endō. Because of her religious values, Arie is a strict teacher and has been lately studying and teaching young children for quite sometime. Her blood type is A.

Appearance Edit

Arie has purple eyes and dark hair. She wears looped golden earrings and has her hair braided at the ends. On her head, she wears a white hat with the horoscope Aries and underneath wearing a veil on her head. To her shoulders, she wears a poncho with black lining and two white pom-poms attached at the front.

Her outfit consist of nun and religious garments, with a black top and a white dress, consisting of mixes of black and purple at the edges of the material. Also, it appears that her clothing has mixed with some winter garments, such as the headwear and poncho design. Plus, a Nun's outfit consist of more black than white, but it appears this was done in reverse when designing her.

Personality Edit

Arie is kind at heart, being both gentle in personality and appearance. She is like an 'onee-san' towards the children she looks after at Church and towards Itsuki before she begins to develop romantic feelings towards him.

Background Edit

Because she was an orphan and raised by the people of the Church, she has a lot of religious values and gratitude towards them. It's known that she has a love for collecting weapons and ends up hiding a lot of them at Church, although she has never had bad intentions on having them. However, she likes weaponry, such as knives to the degree she has a fetish liking to them.

When she meets with Itsuki at the academy, not much is revealed in her route apart from the revealing of her love of weaponry and vague detail of her background.

In her ending, when she goes to Itsuki's world, she becomes a housewife in which she brings along her weapons into his world.

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