Developing this Wikia

Hello to visitors of this Wikia! This Wikia is the prequel of; Conception II children of the seven stars and is currently undergoing development. Because this game is originally in japanese-and more or less will remain that way-it is difficult to obtain information without coming across gaps of information. 

To help, I'd appriciate it if visitors could provide either sources or information that could help proceed this wikia further. 

Also to note out: This wikia has a partnership with which is going through a bigger developement as well. This wikia, along with the one i've mention is adding on two adopted wikia's to further enhance and widespread the game. Therefore, it will take up time to do that. So, less information passes into this wikia. 

If in any way you could help, even if there's someone who has information or to anyone who would like to help-feel free to do so! Or if not, discuss it to me so i can talk through it! Thanks!

-Creator of Wikia, Dreamitec